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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Destination China: Immigration to the new China

Destination China: Immigration to the new China

Expressions of interest are sought for contributions to an edited volume provisionally entitled “Destination China: Immigration to the new China”. Chapters are sought which address the topic of emerging migrant patterns and migratory experiences to China. Immigration to China is becoming more diverse and numerous. Traders, expatriates, labour migrants and students are increasingly attracted to China’s opportunities and growth, particularly at a time of relative economic stagnation in the developed West. China has traditionally been seen, and seen itself, as an out-going country of migrants to cities around the world. However, China is quickly becoming an important global destination for transnational workers, tourists and students. How is the rise of China’s economy affecting the international migration order? What are the experiences of emerging international migrant groups in Chinese cities? What are the potential futures of such migratory experiences and how can they be understood according to notions of globalization, postcoloniality, postsocialism or indeed postmodernism? This volume calls for chapters which address different groups of migrants to contemporary China.  A variety of methodological approaches will be considered.  Examples of potential chapters include: 1. Foreign students in China2. African experiences in China3. Returning overseas Chinese experiences4. Border cities and migrant communities5. Government policy and migration to China6. Race, ethnicity and identities 7. Gender, families and sexualities in foreign communities8. Expatriate and corporate transnational lives 9. Post-coloniality and contemporary immigration to China 10. International tourism and China11. Irregular and illegal migration to China12. Unskilled migration to China13. Youth labour markets14. Enterprising migration Please submit chapter abstracts (200 – 300 words) to the editors Dr Angela Lehmann at the University of Xiamen ( or to Professor Pauline Leonard at the University of Southampton ( before 18th July 2014.  We expect full chapters will be between 7000 and 8000 words in length.  Please note, this is not a call for full chapters at this stage, this is a call for expressions of interest and initial abstracts

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