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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Solidarity Center Request for Proposals: Research Papers on Migration and Development from a Workers Rights Perspective

Solidarity Center Request for Proposals: 
Research Papers on Migration and Development from a Workers Rights Perspective 

About the Solidarity Center: The Solidarity Center is a non-profit organization that works with unions, 
NGOs, labor support organizations and community groups worldwide to advance worker rights and 
achieve equitable and sustainable economic development. In nearly 60 countries, the Solidarity Center 
supports programs that help workers organize and build independent trade unions, exercise their human 
and workers’ rights, access justice, and improve their working and living conditions. 

Background: As part of a five-year USAID-supported Global Labor Program, the Solidarity Center is 
coordinating and supporting research on a variety of worker rights issues. The project described here is 
for the fourth year (2014) and may lead to an expanded relationship in year five, including participation in 
a global conference on labor migration. 

This research being commissioned by the Solidarity Center will focus on labor migration and 
development from a workers’ rights perspective. In the first three years of the grant, the project 
supported research related to organizing migrant workers, and an overview of the international migration 
and development discourse as it relates to workers’ rights. (See for example, 

 Academic Requirements: Proposals will only be accepted from individuals with a minimum of five-years 
of experience in conducting research and either holding a graduate degree or graduate student under the 
supervision of a professor. Proposals with links to a university or academic institution will be given 
Timeline: Proposals must be received by April 30, 2014. The final research paper will be due no later 
than December 15, 2014
Budget: The funding available is US$10,000 for the research and finalized, copy-edited research paper. 
Format of Proposals: Proposals should be no more than two pages and briefly describe the goal of 
research, an overview of the methodology, background on the researcher(s), and a budget. The proposal 
should also clearly elaborate the way in which a gender analysis will be integrated in the research and 
conclusions, as well as how it will be addressed in the methodology. 
Please send proposals and address questions to Neha Misra, Senior Specialist, Migration and 
Human Trafficking, Solidarity Center ( 


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