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Wednesday, April 03, 2013

UC Comparative Latino Studies Workshop

UC Comparative Latino Studies Workshop
Presented by…
The Chicano Latino Graduate Student Collective at UC Irvine,
The UC Center for Latino Policy Research at UC Berkeley (CLPR)
and the Department of Chicano Latino Studies at UC Irvine

When: May 17th, 2013, 8am-6:30pm.
Where: University of California, Irvine

The UC Comparative Latino Studies Workshop brings together graduate students and faculty from across the UC system who do critical work on issues related to the experience of Chicana/os and Latina/os in the United States. The workshop provides a supportive environment for graduate students to present their work and engage in the process of collective community building, networking, and receiving mentorship from faculty and peers. One of the goals for this workshop is to establish a long standing network of scholars that help each other navigate through academia as individuals committed to empowering communities and producing work that allows for a comprehensive understanding of the diverse experiences of Chicana/os and Latina/os in the United States.

The workshop is not meant to mimic academic style conferences but instead to create an environment to help Graduate Students working on critical research in Chicana/o and Latina/o Studies, to thrive by providing positive feedback and networking opportunities.  It is our hope that this space leads to establishing networks that are long lasting and research that is critical and informs major debates about Chicana/os and Latina/os.

With this in mind The UC Comparative Latino Studies Workshop is now accepting submissions to be presented at the 2nd Annual UC Comparative Latino Studies Workshop to be held May 17, 2013 at UC Irvine. Because this space is meant to help people develop their research and not just to present finished work we welcome submissions in any stage of the research: including those who are dissertating to new graduate students that may just be beginning their work and need constructive feedback.

While we may only be able to offer panel presentations to a limited number of graduate students we ask for people to participate in the larger goal of establishing a network of scholars.  We hope people can commit to participate as panelists and non panelists alike for the entirety of the day.

The deadline to submit a proposal is Friday, April 26th 2013.
please email a title and an abstract to Mark Ocegueda at

check out the workshop web page for further information

to join the listserv please visit and subscribe at


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