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Friday, July 27, 2012

Workshop on Migrant Integration, Transnationalism and Return: Call For Papers

Call for Papers:
Workshop on Migrant Integration, Transnationalism and Return

Organized by the Standing committee on Interactions of Migrant Integration and Transnationalism in Europe (IMITE) of the IMISCOE network, organized by Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Maastricht Graduate School of Governance, and Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

Hosted by: Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Date: October 25th - 26th 2012
Abstract submission: By 15 August
Further Information & Submission:  Linda Bakker,

Call For Papers

Although both transnationalism and integration are widely studied topics in migration research, the study of interactions between the two, is still fairly recent. Migrants' transnational orientations and their integration processes in destination countries are inherently linked, but the literatures on transnationalism and integration remain quite distinct. The first aim of this workshop is to focus on research that brings together integration and transnationalism, and encourage studies that see integration and transnationalism not as exclusive, but rather as concurrent dimensions of migrant lives.

In relation to integration and transnationalism, return migration is a relevant topic. One scenario is that strong transnational ties might increase the wish to return, as commitment to the host country might also be weak. Another scenario is that negative experiences in the host country might encourage a migrant to return. The second aim of this workshop is thus to explore possible interactions between transnationalism, integration and the possibility of return migration.

Furthermore, in order to bring the study of interactions between migrant integration, transnationalism and return forward, there is a need for a focus on a range of different migrant groups, including different legal statuses (e.g. refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migration) and different geographical origins, often beyond Europe. Through comparisons across different cases, we believe that both theoretical and policy-relevant advances can be made.

About The Workshop

This workshop will bring together researchers from different disciplines and backgrounds to discuss migrant integration, transnationalism and return. We invite both quantitative and qualitative researchers who study these topics among different migrant groups to submit an abstract. The workshop will result in a selection of the best papers and these will be collected in a special issue to be submitted to a relevant journal. A modest budget is available for covering travel and accommodation expenses for a limited number of participants.

Submission Of Abstracts 15 August 2012

Are you interested in presenting a paper at this workshop? Please submit your abstract (max. 250 words), together with your name and gender, discipline and position, university/institution and country of residence by August 15 to Linda Bakker,

We expect to send out responses to both successful and unsuccessful applicants by September 1st, and we will be asking selected participants to submit a paper by October 15.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Call for Papers: Migration and Forced Labor

Call for Papers: Migration and Forced Labor
The Open Society Institute is calling for position papers for an edited volume on human trafficking titled, Human Trafficking: Reconsidering the Problem, edited by Rhacel Salazar Parreñas and Kimberly Kay Hoang. The editors seek manuscripts from scholars and practitioners from all academic disciplines (economics, law, social sciences, gender and sexuality studies, public policy, health, and business). People working with relevant NGO’s, government agencies, and public health organizations are also invited to submit their work. Open Society will publish the volume in 2013.


New Scholar Vol. , No.2 - Special Issue on Belonging Call for Papers

 Call for Papers: Volume 2 Number 2 The Belonging Project/The Belonging Issue
As an integral part of human experience, ‘belonging' is a ubiquitous concept in many areas of the humanities and social sciences and beyond. This is increasingly the case in the contemporary contexts of globalization, trans-nationalism, and the emergence of the network society, which have imbued issues of belonging with a renewed emphasis and increased urgency. Yet, as important as the concept of belonging is to discourses on migration, citizenship, community and well being, among others, it is rarely defined or interrogated at length. While such ambiguity and elasticity is no doubt part of belonging's efficacy as a concept, it nonetheless veils the complexities of processes and experiences of belonging/not belonging.
Following a successful interdisciplinary workshop and symposium on belonging, the organizers of the Belonging Project, an initiative by interdisciplinary researchers from Melbourne, are now calling for submissions for a special issue of New Scholar. This special issue will showcase innovative research across disciplines that critically engages with the concept of belonging and the ways in which it is deployed and understood in academic discourses, with a view to examining the challenges and ambiguities embedded in the concept.
Submissions might address (but need not be limited to) the following themes:
  • Structures and processes of belonging
  • Moving past the belonging/not-belonging dichotomy
  • Belonging beyond identity
  • Technology, communication and belonging
  • Scales of belonging, e.g., local, national, transnational
  • Belonging and intersectionality
  • Memory and belonging
  • Place and belonging
  • Mobility and belonging
  • Agency and belonging
  • Indigenous belonging
  • Migrancy, transnationalism, and belonging
  • Hybridity and belonging
  • Language, culture and belonging

Submissions should be uploaded to by August 14, 2012.
Please see the New Scholar website for updated guidelines for authors. Please address all inquiries (but not submissions) to the Editors: Gillian Darcy, Nadia Niaz, Caitlin Nunn and Karen Schamberger at thebelongingproject[at]gmail[dot]com


Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues 2013 Immigration Symposium Call for Papers.

The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues
St. Mary’s University School of Law, San Antonio, Texas
2013 Symposium Issue:
Progressive Immigration Reform
The Scholar: St. Mary’s Law Review on Minority Issues is one of the largest specialty law reviews in the country.  The law review publishes four issues a year and presents an annual symposium on a legal topic important to social justice.  Committed to furthering legal discourse on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual identity, class, religion, and age, The Scholar publishes articles on legal issues of concern to historically marginalized groups.
The Scholar is currently soliciting articles for the Spring 2013 symposium issue on the topic of immigration.  Although papers on any immigration-related topic are welcome, we are especially interested in those with particular relevance to progressive immigration reform.  We welcome abstract submissions from scholars of various disciplines, practitioners, community members, activists, artists, and students. 
Articles will be selected for publication based on their quality, reflection of The Scholar’s goals, and representation of the symposium topic.  Please e-mail papers or proposals to by September 15, 2012.


Monday, July 02, 2012

Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration

Oxford Monitor of Forced Migration
TheOxford Monitor of Forced Migration (OxMo) is an independent, student run publication that moves to engage with various aspects of forced migration through academic scholarship. At its core, OxMo is dedicated to protecting and advancing human rights of individuals who have been forcibly displaced


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